"He who fails to plan is planning to fail." – Winston Churchill

When SMG Computing first begins working with a school, many either do not have a technology plan or have a non-collaborative technology plan that does not meet US Department of Education or the standards of the governing bodies. All teachers have lesson plans so why don't all schools have technology plans?

Technology helps people learn, be creative, and become players and communicators in society. Today's Internet empowers students in knowledge building on a worldwide stage as has never before been possible. Learning opportunities may never reach students in high-poverty or isolated schools except through the use of technology. In the classroom, technology needs to be part of the plan. SMG Computing is here to help schools with their technology plans.

SMG Computing is aware of Technological Standards put forth by governing bodies for each school it services. SMG Computing can assist School Administrators with their technology plan or inform them of areas of concern. In addition to advising, SMG Computing has necessary technology planning materials available for schools to have the resources to plan.

It is important that technology planning be guided by a collaborative vision around desired learning outcomes of a school and its community. No one person should single-handedly plan a school's technology. With a collaborative plan, more needs will be met. Administrators, teachers, parents and the technical support staff all contribute to a successful plan.