As organizations increasingly depend on IT for greater value and competitive advantage, the risk of downtime is a serious threat. If your IT assets are down, so are you. Effects from IT downtime can ripple beyond the immediate organization to clients, business partners, and vendors.

Many IT companies only put out fires after they occur without thinking of how to prevent them in the first place. A reactionary approach is detrimental and costly. In addition to the financial loss due to unexpected downtime, the damage done to an organization's reputation, customer relationship, and loss of time can multiply costs. Ongoing, proactive support limits IT support problems and simplifies IT management.

Today's infrastructures optimize IT services. Multiple vendors, virtualized environments, cloud computing, etc. create new areas of risk and complexity. SMG Computing's support reduces risks and migrates complexities. Our goal is reduced costs and less burden on in-house IT staff.

SMG Computing support is a proactive, holistic approach to software, hardware, and multi-vendor environments to offer organizations new ways to save time and money while improving IT system function.