Our mission is to provide computer service in a manner that recognizes and respects the core objectives of each client. A computer system must be a tool to promote these core objectives by adding function and saving time, money, and labor.

Successful relationships benefit all partners. Not all IT providers recognize how relationships can make all parties more successful. SMG Computing knows the importance of creating and maintaining lasting business partnerships.

SMG Computing develops lasting partnerships with small businesses and schools. We forge custom solutions to solve complex technology needs. SMG Computing helps organizations understand the best answers to IT challenges. We help create flexible technology systems that are reflective of the client's brand. SMG Computing discovers how best to serve organizations' needs, understanding that the organization may not know of new and better solutions. SMG Computing understands that partnership means trust, not sales. Our priority is providing the best solution, not selling computers. The company maintains friendly relationships while building stable and reliable systems.

We treat one another with respect and do what is right in our relationships and business partnerships. We focus on the future. Our vision is on the missions of our clients. Our team of employees focuses on serving the client. Our goal is to be the best that we can, together with our clients.

The SMG Computing philosophy employs a holistic approach to Information Systems Management. Our approach encompasses not only computing in the conventional sense, but all aspects impacting the core objectives of the organization.

It is more than just information; it is about the individual and organizational consumer. SMG Computing creates infrastructures that reflect individual style and tastes. SMG Computing offers customized solutions, both in the mechanical sense and in the conceptual realm. No matter how big or small the need, we mesh with the culture of the individual company. We use creative thinking and a holistic approach to maximize the information system in this rapidly changing technology age.

The Information System must act as a tool to promote the core objectives of the organization by adding function while saving time, money, and labor. This varied approach to Information Systems at SMG Computing creates success.

The one thing we can count on is continual technological advancement. SMG Computing looks at how changes in technology can be effectively applied to current and future needs.

SMG Computing has been working with emerging technologies since the rise of the Internet. The company doesn't just need to know what is important today, but also what tomorrow will bring. SMG Computing is committed to investigating emerging technologies and working on ways to practically incorporate the technology once it hits the mainstream. "We are out there eating the dog food so that we have the background to deal with the emerging technologies. We are the early adopters with an eye to future of how technology will be used." This saves our clients from the wrong turns of the "bleeding edge."

Before SMG Computing implements new technologies there has already been significant investigation and research by SMG Computing Technicians. This helps insure the technology will be properly implemented and applied to the correct application for the organization.

No matter how fast technology moves, basic principles of customer service are constant. SMG Computing understands trust and hard work. SMG Computing aligns its values with the virtues of the businesses and organizations it serves. SMG Computing recognizes that organizations, just like people, are individual and different. Some organizations may be similar but no one organization is exactly the same.

For the past 20 years, SMG Computing has provided highest quality solutions. The business was founded in 1991 and has been built into what it is today. It embodies a self-starting, hardworking philosophy with the client at its core. "We work many late nights and early mornings keeping clients up and running."