SINCE 1991

SMG Computing, Inc. was founded April 1, 1991 by our current President, Steve Greenfield. After working for one year for a computer consulting firm where money was put first, Mr. Greenfield realized customers were not being serviced to their individual objectives. On the realization that customers and their businesses are individually different, as well as a personal goal of putting family first, Mr. Greenfield set off on his own.

SMG Computing's first office would be a plywood board which was set on Mr. and Mrs. Greenfield's bed by day. This would be the first work bench of the company. This rudimentary bench is where the company's first workstations and servers were serviced and built.

At that time the clients were small attorney firms throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. Today some of those original customers are still with the company. These customers have been with SMG Computing for over 20 years thanks to the company's drive to put its customers first.

Today SMG Computing has grown from one man in a one bedroom apartment to a small business on the move. Its clients include schools, professionals and small businesses.